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FAQ about Services

What is cabinet refinishing?

Cabinet refinishing is the process of changing the colour or finish of your existing cabinets to either restore the current look of your cabinets or transform them to suit the rest of your contemporary décor. Generally, the cabinets are first cleaned and sanded down to strip the existing finish from the wood, then a new coat(s) of primer, paint, or stain is applied. With cabinet refinishing, you generally keep all components of your existing cabinetry and change the colour, finish and perhaps add new knobs or door handles for a new, upgraded look.

How do I know whether I need cabinet refinishing or refacing?

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a cost-effective solution to improve the look of your kitchen since you are not replacing your existing cabinets. Painting/refinishing creates a new surface that restores the original look of your cabinets. Refacing, on the other hand, is when the doors of your cabinets are removed and replaced. The cabinet frame and boxes remain the same, but all doors and drawer fronts are replaced with new components. If your cabinetry is in good condition, but just needs an upgrade or new paint job, refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a much better option. However, if your cabinets are very old, have severe water or surface damage, misaligned doors or broken shelving, it might be worthwhile to completely reface your cabinetry and purchase new doors altogether.

How much does cabinet refinishing cost?

Refinishing your cabinets generally costs about 50% less than refacing. Depending on the amount of work, the type of stain, refinishing method, and design, refinishing generally costs between $200 and $3,000 for materials and $500 to $3,000 for labour. Refacing your cabinets is more expensive and costs on average about $6,300 since this process involves replacing all cabinet doors and drawers with new laminate or wood.

Is DIY cabinet refinishing a good idea?

You may be tempted to save a few dollars and tackle the project on your own. However, your cabinets may end up looking like a DIY job—which isn’t a good thing—especially if you don’t have the experience or know-how to strip the old stain or paint, repair and sand the cabinets, and apply the new stain. Refinishing your cabinets is also a messy and time-consuming project. Working with a professional contractor who has the experience will save you the time and trouble and give your kitchen a flawless finish.

Do you provide kitchen cabinet refinishing ideas?

At Booth7, we offer all our customers free consultations and estimates. All you need to do is submit images of your kitchen, so we can provide you with a free estimate and guidance as to what might look best. When you meet with our painting experts, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your vision. We also offer professional design support and a free colour consultation service.

What kind of paint do you use to paint kitchen cabinets?

One reason why our clients depend on us for their kitchen cabinet refinishing and painting is because we only use water-based, low VOC lacquer and solvents. These paints are very household-friendly, and they never leave any lingering paint smells in the house. This gives homeowners peace of mind knowing they can breathe easy without the risk of inhaling dangerous chemicals.

To get started on your kitchen renovation and have your cabinets refinished, contact Booth7 today by filling out our online form or contacting us at info@booth7.com. Our staff will generally respond to your inquiry right away, and always within a few hours.

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