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Residential Painting Services

Residential Painting in Toronto – Vaughan

There is no better way to update and personalize your living space than with a splash of colour. At BOOTH7, we offer professional residential painting solutions to give your home that new look you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to decorate with neutral tones, or bright, vibrant colours, our experts have the professional experience needed to provide a product you will love. For superior interior and exterior painting solutions in Toronto, trust the experts at BOOTH7. We look forward to transforming your home!

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House Painting Services

At BOOTH7, we offer a variety of top-quality residential painting solutions to suit your individual needs. We can revamp the look of your home, both inside and out. Here are a few painting services we offer:

  • ECO-Friendly Painting Solutions leaf
  • Walls and Ceilings
  • Garage Doors
  • Furniture
  • Interior Trim, Doors and Vanities
  • Exteriors
  • Full Cleanup Service

* BOOTH7 offers customized solutions for many types of projects. Please contact us to see how we can help you!

The Benefits of Repainting Your Home

A new professional paint job is a fast and easy way to update the interior and exterior of your home—and it does more than just look good. A new paint job can be beneficial in numerous ways. From the experts at BOOTH7, here are some of the advantages of our professional residential painting solutions:

Increases Home Resale Value.

The colour of your walls creates a first and lasting impression to potential purchasers—especially if it’s worn out or outdated. If you’re planning on moving soon, a new paint job can greatly add to the market value of your home. Why not have your home viewed as fresh, clean, well maintained and up to date. Whether you are repainting trim, doors or changing the colour of interior walls entirely, a new paint job means money in your pocket.

Improves Indoor Air Quality.

Painting ceilings, floors, walls, and other surfaces reduces odour, covers oils and chemicals, and ensures healthy and clean air inside the home.

Refresh Your Home Atmosphere.

Proper painting solutions restores your surfaces with a clean, revitalized appearance and can help to minimize existing odours.

See Our Interior Painting Services

** We also offer LOW or ZERO VOC products, created especially to eliminate long-lasting toxic chemicals found in some paint types

Protects Interior / Exterior Surfaces.

Whether you’re painting your back porch, or your bedroom window, fresh paint and primer can help protect your home from the elements, the damaging effects of water, and regular wear and tear.

Cost-Effective Way to Remodel.

Is your home looking drab? A new paint job is your most inexpensive remodelling option available. At BOOTH7, instead of tearing down old walls and starting from scratch, we work with what you have. Your home will get a brand-new look, without the hassle of messy and lengthy renovations.

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