Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Aurora

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Did you know that Aurora is one of the top places to live in Canada? That shouldn’t surprise you considering it’s located near the Oak Ridges Moraine. It’s a short drive from Richmond Hill and Newmarket, and it has a mix of both century homes and modern buildings that line the streets. Whether you own an older home or one that was recently built, the best way to keep your space looking contemporary and fresh is to update your kitchen. Afterall, the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the home!

If a full-scale kitchen renovation isn’t in your budget, a great alternative is kitchen cabinet refinishing in Aurora. The are many benefits to kitchen cabinet refinishing, particularly the fact that it’s more affordable than remodelling your entire kitchen and it takes a fraction of the time. With just a few changes, your space will look vibrant and colourful—which means you can get excited about hosting people in your home again! Here’s what you need to know about the kitchen cabinet refinishing process and how it can transform your home

Cabinet Refinishing Benefits & Process

There are a few reasons why kitchen cabinet repainting in Aurora, Ontario is a great way to upgrade your home. You can modernize your entire kitchen, especially if you have an older style in your home, as well as add new hardware (hinges/knobs/handles) to your cabinets to accentuate your doors and give them a crisper look. Refinishing your cabinets is also less of a hassle than renovating. During the process, you’ll have access to your kitchen, meaning you won’t need to vacate your home. At Booth7, our team uses only low VOC paints, which are eco-friendly and safe for your loved ones and pets. We will paint your cabinet doors in our facility and reinstall them for you when they are sufficiently cured. We take the following steps during our kitchen cabinet refinishing process:

  • Remove all cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware
  • Mask and tape off the entire area to protect the surfaces
  • Clean and lightly sand all wooden areas
  • Use wood filler to fill in any cracks or obvious imperfections in the cabinets
  • Apply primer to all wooden surfaces
  • Lightly sand after primer is applied and has dried
  • Use caulking to close off spacing around doors
  • Apply final topcoats of durable lacquer finish
  • Reinstall your cabinetry and hardware

Why Is Booth7 the Perfect Choice for Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Aurora?

When you choose a professional company to repaint or refinish your kitchen cabinets, you can trust that you will get quality results. Painting your kitchen on your own can be frustrating because you may not have all the tools and equipment you need. Plus, the professionals at Booth7 have years of experience in the industry.

Let Booth7 be your one-stop shop to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look and style. Our services include a free in-home colour & design consultation, professional advice, competitive pricing, and custom designs that suit you. We handle all the details of your project from start to finish, so you can trust you are in good hands!

To get started on your home renovation or any painting project, call Booth7 today! Fill out our online form or contact us at

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