5 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas for Spring

Spring is here, and its promise of renewal may have you inspired to overhaul your kitchen. There’s no need to break out the power tools when a paint brush will do just fine. 

Just take your cue from the colours outside and repaint your kitchen cabinets.

Selecting a brand-new colour for your kitchen cabinetry can transform the entire space—at a fraction of the cost of full-on removal and replacement. So, if your cabinets are still in good shape, contact the kitchen cabinet painting contractors at Booth7 and say goodbye to cold and dull and hello to warm and bright.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas for Spring

These five spring kitchen cabinet painting ideas are a great jumping point for your project.

Pink in the Kitchen

Feeling a little adventurous? Step outside the white-wood box and think pink! A soft, pastel shade (like cherry blossom!) can function as a neutral that pairs well with a variety of colours—from blacks and greys to greens and golds.

Kitchen cabinet painting contractors in Toronto are up on all the latest trends, and can help you pick the perfect colour palette for your blushing spring kitchen.

Inviting Blues

Capture the clear blue sky on a sunny spring day right on your cabinets. Or maybe a rich navy blue is more your style. Whatever hue you choose, blue can be a warm and inviting addition to the heart of your home. Try complementing darker shades with a lighter countertop to make the colour really pop.

Kitchens with Red Cabinets

Another bold painting idea for kitchen cabinets in spring is red. When it comes to cabinet painting, your colour choice doesn’t have to be neutral or subtle. Design a kitchen that’s as vibrant and passionate as you are with an unexpected splash of red. From a sleek, glossy cherry to a matte and textured merlot, you’re sure to make a statement to all of your guests this season.

If you’re not quite ready for floor-to-ceiling red, consider saving the colour for your island. It would make for a nice contrasting accent.

Shabby Chic

So shabby chic isn’t exactly a colour, but it’s an increasingly popular theme in kitchen cabinet painting across Toronto. It’s for those who prefer a more worn-in home aesthetic. Aged but functional cabinets work well for this look.

Whites, creams, and floral pastels are big in shabby chic style. Take it a step further and distress the paint with sandpaper for some extra-rustic country charm.

Double Up on Greys

Grey has swept the world of interior design over the last several years, and kitchen décor is no exception. But why stop at one grey when you can use two? Draw from the spring storm clouds and combine two different shades for a transitional/ombre effect. This gives your kitchen depth and personality.

Light up top and dark on the bottom is the most common arrangement. But the reverse is no less effective.

Contact Booth7 for Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Toronto

If you’re in the market for kitchen cabinet repainting in Toronto, it’s best to leave it up to the pros at Booth7. Our professional cabinet painting contractors can recommend the right type of paint products and materials that are most appropriate for your cabinets to ensure a long-lasting seamless finish. Contact us today to learn more. 

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