Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Furniture Refinishing Services in Markham

Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Furniture Refinishing Services in Markham 2019-08-28T07:40:24+00:00

For most families, the kitchen and the family room are the two main areas of the home that people spend the most time in. If your kitchen is in need of some sprucing up, you may not have the funds to fully renovate the space. Afterall, renovations can be very expensive! Luckily, there are other effective and affordable things you can do to get your home in tip-top shape and looking brand new. Kitchen cabinet painting, refinishing, and staining are some of the terrific ways to update your home.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Furniture Refinishing

Colour Consultation

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to making your kitchen look bright and inviting. At Booth7, we can help you choose the right colour to suit your existing décor or opt for something new. Our colour consulting service allows you to work with our skilled professionals to make the best decisions about upgrading your space

Eco-Friendly Painting Solutions

One of the reasons our customers are satisfied with our work is because we only use durable, high-quality, water-based lacquer paint to prevent any offensive fumes and paint odour from lingering. We also remove your cabinet doors and drawers to work on them at our shop, so you and your family can move easily around your home without us getting in your way.

Provide Decor Options

The great thing about choosing cabinet painting and furniture refinishing is that they can completely transform the look of your space. Your cabinets and furniture may be the only things that need an upgrade, so instead of spending money on things you don’t need to change (i.e. backsplash and flooring) you can focus on what’s most important.

Your Property Value

Did you know that updating your kitchen raises the value of your home? If you’re preparing to sell your home but want to stay within your budget while updating your home, these services are the perfect option!

Cost of Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Markham

Many homeowners are saving money by repainting their kitchen cabinets. This service drastically improves the look of your home and comes at a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement of your current cabinets. To complete and perfect your cabinet upgrade, our professionals will remove old hardware like hinges, knobs and door pulls and replace them with new ones. They can also clean, sand, paint, or stain the cabinet doors for a fresh, new look. This cost-effective option allows you to work with the cabinets you already have, instead of buying new ones.

Why We Are the Preferred Cabinet Painting Contractor in the GTA

If you’re looking for professional kitchen cabinet painting in Markham to improve the look of your home, we can help! At Booth7, we are your one-stop shop to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look and style and help you make wise, affordable decisions about updating your home. Our services also include free in-home consultation, competitive pricing, and custom designs. We handle all the details of your project from start to finish, so you can trust that you are in good hands!

To get started on your home renovation or any painting project, call Booth7 today! Fill out our online form or contact us at and our staff with respond to your inquiry within a few hours.

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