Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Markham and York Region

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As the fourth-most popular community within the Greater Toronto Area, Markham has grown from being a small agricultural town to an urbanized city with over 327,400 residents. Located close to the 404 and Highway 7, it’s easily accessible from neighbouring communities like Aurora and Richmond Hill, as well as a short drive to beautiful parks and amenities. Markham also has its fair share of older home and new developments, making it a desirable area to live.

If you currently live in Markham and are looking to increase your property value, the best way to do so is to upgrade your kitchen. Specifically, kitchen cabinet refinishing in Markham is a cost-effective and quality service that lets you improve and update your space in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do a complete renovation. Here’s what you need to know about Booth7’s kitchen cabinet refinishing process, the benefits of kitchen refinishing, and how we can help you increase the value of your Markham home.

The Cabinet Refinishing Process

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets can go a long way in making your kitchen look brand-new again. With a fresh coat of paint, you have the ability to transform that space; you can choose a look that complements your pre-existing home décor or choose shades that give your home a modern style. Adding new hardware, such as hinges and knobs, can bring life and character to your once-dull cabinets.

Here are the steps involves in our refinishing process:

  1. Remove all cabinets including doors, drawers, and hardware
  2. Wipe down and degrease all cabinet surfaces
  3. Gently sand all wooden components for a smooth finish
  4. Fill cabinet cracks with wood filler
  5. Add primer to all the wooden components
  6. Lightly sand again after priming for an exceptionally smooth surface
  7. Add caulking to close any spacing around doors
  8. Thoroughly spray paint all the doors, drawers, and built-ins
  9. Lightly sand between coats
  10. Clean, de-mask, and reinstall the cabinet system

Benefits of Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Affordable and On-Time

Compared to most other home upgrade projects, kitchen cabinet refinishing is quite affordable. One of the biggest advantages of kitchen cabinet painting with Booth7 is that while our professionals work on your cabinets in our facility, you will have full access to your kitchen, so your day-to-day routine is not disrupted.

Eco-Friendly Process

Customers often tell us how surprised they are to find no lingering paint smells after their cabinets are reinstalled. This is because we only use durable, high-quality, water-based lacquer paint and solvents. These paints have no fumes and odour that could harm your family or make you uncomfortable. Plus, by refinishing your existing cabinets, you are producing less waste that will end up in landfills.

Choose from a Wide Range of Options

Thanks to our free colour consultation service, you can work with a professional who will help you choose the right paint colours to match the look of your space. At Booth7, we will provide you with a variety of options, so you can make an informed decision about your home décor.

Why Hire Booth7 for Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Markham?

Booth7 is your one-stop shop to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look and style. We can help you help make wise, affordable decisions about updating your Markham home thanks to our in-home consultation, professional advice, competitive pricing, and custom designs that suit you and your budget. We handle all the details of your project from start to finish, so you can trust you are in good hands!

To get started on your home renovation or any cabinet painting project, call Booth7 today! Fill out our online form or contact us at for a colour consultation.

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