Tips to Paint Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

When we talk about kitchen cabinet refinishing, it’s the cabinet doors that usually get our attention and it’s easy to forget about the insides. If you have glass-fronted cabinets, you might think about the shelves more often since they are more noticeable. But even if you don’t, every time you [...]

Professional Tips for Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

If painting your laminate cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom is your next DIY project, there are some important things you need to consider before you begin. Repainting your cabinets is a very affordable way to transform and re-create your kitchen, especially since it costs a fraction of what it [...]

5 Inspiring Colour Schemes for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Are you thinking about repainting your kitchen cabinets? Whether your style is subtle and classic or dramatic and sensational, these kitchen cabinet colour schemes are a great place to begin! As you prepare to upgrade and paint your kitchen cabinets, consider the mood your want to evoke in your kitchen [...]

Safety Precautions to Follow when Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painting your home is often seen as a fun and exciting activity for the family. Not only is it a great way to upgrade your space and create a fresh new look, regular home maintenance increases your home’s longevity and property value by protecting it from wear and tear. Before [...]